Friday, April 13, 2018

Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog: The slow death of Out of Africa

Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog: The slow death of Out of Africa: The significance of the discovery of modern humans in Arabia >85kya is that it provides a second spot (other than Israel) were modern hum...

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Cycle

Paul Ryan just announced that he wouldn’t run for re-election in 2018. 

I have been hearing a lot of the coming Blue Wave and thinking The Blue Wave was going to be the Blue dud. I might want to start thinking the unthinkable. Maybe the usual cycle is about to kick in again like it usually does; a little earlier than I thought it would. I knew it would come sooner or later but not this sooner. 

This is what usually happens, The teenagers, Democrats, come into power and break things and when it gets bad, the adults, Republicans, are elected to fix up the things that the teenagers have broken. And when the Fixing up job has been completed and our country has been put on the correct path again and most people are feeling good that the job has been done and everything has been permanently fixed and life is good again, the electorate becomes complacent and lets their guard down and the teenagers take over again; they never go away they just wait for the adults, like after a good meal to lay down and go to sleep knowing that when they wake up, everything will be the same, just like they left it; and after the enjoyable sleep, it isn’t.

I’m tired from absorbing all this disturbing information and am going to lay down and take a short nap so when I get up I will have the energy and a clear head to start the process all over again. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Internet NEVER forgets

Now the new Justice will be a stolen Seat because Republicans wouldn't allow a nomination 6 mos before a Presidential Election in 2008.

Have you no shame, Joe

The Internet never forgets.

These were the words of wisdom coming from the mouth of Chuck Schumer shortly after Pres. Obama was elected.

Chuck, have you no decency!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Monday, September 26, 2016

The racism of the anti-racists

Here's a shocking story. A student, active in white racia. The student in question is Ntokozo Qwabe, whom I wrote about in this column a while back as the chap who wanted to tear down a statue of Cecil Rhodes in Oxfordl politics, gets cross because he sees a black student filming him. He knocks the smartphone out of the black student's hand and then posts on Facebook: "I wish I'd actually not been a good law abiding citizen & whupped the black sass out of the bastard".
The same student had earlier boasted of reducing a waitress to "black tears" after refusing to tip her. Yet, curiously, he has a following in the media and even in politics.
Actually, I just played a little trick on you. I swapped the colors.
He is now back in Cape Town and evidently as charmless as ever. The actual words of his Facebook post were that he wished he had "whipped the white apartheid settler colonial entitlement out of the bastard." It was the "white tears" of a waitress that he had enjoyed.
Do you feel any differently when the story is flipped? I hope not. Most people will have responded in the same way to both versions: with disgust at the student's behavior. But there are a few who insist on seeing the episode, as they see everything, through the prism of imagined hierarchies of victimhood.
Such people come in all colors, and are disproportionately concentrated in universities: You generally have to be educated to be that dumb.
Oddly, the people most obsessed with making everything racial often call themselves anti-racists. This is because anti-racism has become the highest card in the leftist deck.
A couple of weeks back, Britain had its own Black Lives Matter protest. It wasn't about police brutality or racism, but about airport expansion. A handful of narcissistic idiots disrupted traffic at London City Airport in the name of black people on grounds that, er, climate change affects black people. All but one of the protesters (you've probably already guessed this) were white.

Where does it come from, this obsession with race? At first, it was a laudable reaction against institutionalized discrimination. There are plenty of people alive who still remember segregation and apartheid.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Sporting Event Where Only One Team Obeys the Rules

From childhood, we have had ingrained in us that in order for interactions between people to work, especially competitive interactions, everyone has to “follow the rules”. The reason we have rules is that we have people, and people are sometimes dishonest cheats. The rules are put in place to prevent the dishonest cheats from winning unfairly, because they are despicable thieves who would steal what rightfully belongs to someone else.
Nobody likes a cheat, except perhaps other cheats or those who stand to share in what the cheater steals from the honest participant. That is, nobody with an ounce of integrity, understanding the inevitability of chaos if half of all participants in an event are permitted to cheat, would agree to participate. Therefore, any system which is premised upon rules requires that independent arbiters, acting without bias and favoritism, intercede to enforce the rules so that each contest is determined by merit, rather than fraud and intimidation. This is called “integrity”.
Unfortunately, when the referees belong to the same organization, or “team”, as the half of the participants in an event who cheat, the system is no longer effective. Indeed, when the half that cheats has become so comfortable with cheating and lying and stealing that they have no reason or intention to stop, because there is no cost to them as long as their cronies remain in charge, the risk is that the rule-followers will never again know what it is like to have an event in which they have any hope or chance of not only competing, but sometimes winning.
After eight years of the most blatant and obvious corruption, we watch current events as if we have a splinter in our eye. An entire political party is so morally bankrupt that it no longer feels any need to hold its members to any rules at all. And yet, it controls the enforcement of the rulebook, and zealously enforces those rules against anyone who doesn’t belong to their lawless team. They do this smugly and self-righteously, as if it is their right and privilege to screw millions of people who follow the rules and believe that a society can only survive it its rules are followed by all, and enforced equally against all.
This is the only kind of fairness that the Constitution contemplated, because it is the only kind that man can control. One man cannot control whether another man with free will makes choices that will prove successful. We are not born owing what we will someday earn to morons who are too careless or brainwashed to make wise choices. As if to stand the theory of evolution on its head, Democrats exist to show us that Darwin was wrong. People do not evolve. They do not improve or adapt to better function in the ecosystem. No matter how much time goes by, humans will always have among them the cheats, the thieves, and the losers. We will always have among us the humans whose nature is dark and evil, those who are incapable or unwilling to place their self-interest behind the concept of a greater good. The world is their oyster, and they intend to steal every pearl they see.
At present, the Democratic party and its membership, particularly in positions of authority and in media, is participating in events as actors unbounded by any rule or law. The IRS commissioner still uses the IRS to target conservatives. The Obama administration is literally turning illegal aliens into citizens to unlawfully alter the outcome of the upcoming election, as Democrats have always done. They are rewarding criminals with early release from prison and restored voting rights simply to tip the scales. They are flooding our country with Muslim Syrians, whose culture is antithetical to ours, knowing the inevitable outcome will be an eventual conflict between those who believe in forcefully imposing Islamic theocracy and those few who still know and believe in the American Constitution. They are making secret alliances with our enemies, or merely surrendering to them out of abject cowardice or belief in common principles. They protect terrorists, who are the ultimate rule-breakers, while demonizing Americans, who cannot figure out what they may have done wrong, having done nothing but exist.
No matter which side of the aisle you are on, it is undeniable that any system that is premised upon rules will fail and break apart when one side gleefully cheats with impunity, but the other side is punished. You would not tolerate this if it was your own child’s sporting event, or one in which you had agreed to compete. You would not peacefully watch a professional event if one team got to do whatever it wanted, while the other team was policed by the cheats. Such an event would unnaturally reward vice and criminality, while punishing integrity.
At present, the Democratic party is the most successful example of a criminal enterprise that we have in this country. The Mafia was never as large and powerful as the Democratic party, but they were at least more honest. They never swore an oath to uphold the law and not enrich themselves with the property of others. There was no public trust betrayed. They pretended to be businessmen, but not to be public servants in order to gain control over the treasury and the arbitrary enforcement of laws against only their enemies.
The last eight years have been about building the brand, honing and perfecting the fraud, constructing the perfect machine with which to destroy what is left of a system of laws, rights and duties. The left believes in none of those concepts, or they would abide by them. They believe the lie of their own superiority and deformed morality. Hillary Clinton believes that disagreement with her is deplorable and irredeemable. She will rule as a tyrant, as spiteful and vengeful as any before her who was slowed by her enemies. Her objective is to utterly destroy the last vestiges of honor and integrity that made this country exceptional.  
One thing is certain. We cannot construct a new framework with the Left or its amoral members, just as we would not form a business or marriage or friendship with someone we know we can never trust or respect. Besides, they will try to revive the solutions of Leftist history before they will allow us freedom, from them and for ourselves. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Protest Thugs and the Real Evil in Charlotte

Keith Lamont Scott was scum.
He had been convicted of assault with a deadly weapon in two different states and convicted of assault in three states. an.’”He had been hit with “assault with intent to kill” charges in the 90s. His record of virtue included “assault on a child under 12” and “assault on a female.”
The media spin; “Family and neighbors call Scott a quiet ‘family man".
Nothing says “quiet” like “assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill” and nothing says “family man” like assaulting women and children.
Keith Lamont Scott, the latest martyr of Black Lives Matter and its media propaganda corps, was shot while waving a gun around. He had spent 7 years in jail for “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.”
This vicious monster’s career of crime ended when he was shot by Brentley Vinson, an African-American police officer, protecting himself from the latest rampage by this “quiet family man.”
Brentley Vinson is everything that Scott isn’t. The son of a police officer, Brentley dreamed of following in his father’s footsteps. He used to organize his football team’s bible studies and mentored younger players. Former teammates describe him as a “great guy” with “good morals.” His former coach calls him a “natural leader” and says that, “We need more Brent Vinsons… in our communities.”
Except that Obama, Black Lives Matter, the media, the NAACP and everyone else going after this bright and decent African-American officer has decided that what we really need are more Keith Lamont Scotts. And the streets of Charlotte are full of “Scotts” throwing rocks at police, assaulting reporters and wrecking everything in sight in marches that are as “peaceful” as Scott was a “quiet family man.”
That’s what Hillary Clinton wanted when she tweeted that, “We have two names to add to a long list of African-Americans killed by police officers. It’s unbearable, and it needs to become intolerable.”
What exactly should be intolerable? An African-American police officer defending his life against a violent criminal who happened to be black? Should black criminals enjoy a special immunity? The greatest victims of black criminals are black communities.
Whom does Hillary Clinton imagine she’s helping here? Instead of standing with heroic African-American police officers like Vinson, she’s championing criminal scum like Scott.
Tim Kaine, Hillary’s No. 2, wants us to think about Scott’s family. We should do that. Scott’s brother announced on camera that all “white people” are “devils.” Timmy should check to see if he can get an exemption from white devildom.  But if there are any white devils, it’s men like Kaine and women like Hillary who enable the worst behavior in a troubled community while punishing those who try to help.
Every time the lie about “peaceful” protests is repeated, another black community becomes unlivable.
Twenty police officers have been injured and National Guard troops have arrived to deal with all those “peaceful” protests. Protesters chanted, “Black Lives Matter” and “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” before throwing things at police and then peacefully shooting each other. Stores had their windows broken and decorated with Black Lives Matter graffiti. A Walmart was peacefully looted and trucks were torched.
A police officer was peacefully hit by a car. Another was peacefully hit in the face with a rock. Mobs besieged and attempted to break into hotels. Reporters were attacked and a photographer was nearly thrown into a fire. White people were targeted by the racist Black Lives Matter mob and assaulted.
But all these peaceful rioters are probably just quiet family men too.
The peaceful protests are as big a lie as the “bookish” Keith Lamont Scott reading a book in his car. Police had no trouble finding a gun. They couldn’t have found Scott anywhere near a book. The only thing he could have done with a book is try to beat someone to death with it. Maybe a child.
Scott wasn’t a quiet family man; he was a violent criminal with a horrifying vicious streak. He and the rest of the Black Lives Matter rioters remind us of the monsters that we need dedicated police officers to protect us from.
The spin on what happened between a deranged black criminal and a courageous black police officer fell apart as fast as the Freddie Gray case, where black police officers were targeted and a city terrorized over conspiracy theories relating to the accidental death of a drug dealer.
The claims of racism are absurd. Not only was Scott shot by an African-American police officer, but Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney, who has taken the lead in defending him, is also African-American.
Are we supposed to believe that an African-American police officer and an African-American police chief are racists or that these two black men took the lead in a genocidal conspiracy to kill black men?
That’s the laughable premise of the racist Black Lives Matter hatefest that alternates between “Stop killing us” street theater and violent assaults on police officers, reporters and anyone in the area. 
But the truth doesn’t matter. Black Lives Matter rioters are still chanting, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” long after the Michael Brown lie fell apart. They’re holding up signs reading, “It Was a Book.”  The lie is backed by some of the biggest media corporations in the country, by $130 million from George Soros and the Ford Foundation, by Barack Hussein Obama and by Hillary Clinton.
These are the malign forces destroying Charlotte, as they trashed Baltimore. On the ground there are the vulture community organizers of Black Lives Matter, funded by the left, who parachute in to organize race riots, behind them are the reporters who sell the spin live on the air and the photographers who capture glamor shots of the racist rioters, and after them come the lawyers of the DOJ out to ruin, terrorize and intimidate whatever law enforcement survived the riots.
They did it in Ferguson and a dozen other places. Now they want to do it in Charlotte.
They want to do it because they hate white people and black people. They hate peace and decency. They hate the idea of people getting up in the morning and working for a living. They hate the idea of good officers, white and black men and women, like Brentley Vinson, who genuinely believe in doing the right thing. They want unearned power. They demand unearned wealth. And they thrive on destruction.
This is the real evil in Charlotte. And we need to stand up to it. From the ghetto to the manors of the liberal elite from burning cars to pricey restaurants in exclusive neighborhoods, it plots against us.
It is a lie repeated a million times. Sometimes the lie is simple. Other times it’s sophisticated. But the way to fight it is to begin with the truth.
The truth is that Keith Lamont Scott was a violent criminal who came to a bad end because of his own actions. Just like Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and too many other Black Lives Matter martyrs to count.
The truth is that everything Black Lives Matter does reminds us of why we need police officers.
The truth is that this is not about race, but about those who want to build and those who want to destroy. It’s about the difference between Brentley Vinson and Keith Lamont Scott.
It’s about what kind of country we want to be. Is it a country that celebrates a young black football player who chose to follow in his father’s footsteps, who organized bible study and helped others, who risked his life to keep other people safe. Or is it one that celebrates Keith Lamont Scott, who assaulted a woman, a child and anyone else he could get at, who terrorized three states and died as he lived.
Obama and the left want a nation of Keith Lamont Scotts. But now it’s our turn to choose.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Deplorably, Trump is going to win

Whenever somebody asks me who I am going to vote foe president, I find myself saying first ' he was my 10th chose'; like I feel embarrassed that I am voting for Trump. Maybe this will help explain better.   
There are racists and homophobes in the Trump camp, to be sure. Everybody’s got to be somewhere. Trump is no Puritan, however, and really couldn’t care less what sort of sex people have, or who uses what bathroom (as he made clear), or who marries whom. He built a new country club in Palm Beach two decades ago because the old ones excluded blacks and Jews. He’s no racist. He’s an obnoxious, vulgar, salesman who plays politics like a reality show. I’ve made clear that I will vote for him, not because he was my choice in the Republican field (that was Sen. Cruz), but because I believe that rule of law is a precondition for a free society. If the Clintons get a free pass for influence-peddling on the multi-hundred-million-dollar scale and for covering up illegal use of private communications for government documents, the rule of law is a joke in the United States. Even if Trump were a worse president than Clinton–which is probably not the case–I would vote for him, on this ground alone.
That’s not why Trump crushed the Republican primaries. He won because Americans are tired of an economic elite that ignores them. Americans know the game is rigged against them. For generations Americans could make their way from the bo
ttom to the top of the heap by starting businesses. In some periods more of them succeeded than others, but everyone knew someone who got rich more or less honestly. That came to a crashing end during the Obama Administration. There were fewer small firms with fewer workers in 2013 than there were in 2007.