Monday, March 11, 2013

Comparison between the Ghost over the Zagg Screen Protector

Went to the mall to have a Ghost screen protector put on my iPad mini.  I paid $25.00 installed and it looks great.  The zagg protector cost $30and you have to install it yourself and it doesn't look as good as the Ghost protector.  I installed a zagg screen protector, $30 uninstalled, on my old iPad and did a fairly good job of installing it but when you look at the screen at an angle it looks like it is wet, almost like it has tiny little waves on the screen; the Ghost doesn't have that; it is perfectly flat and clear.  I haven't have it on for a very long time so not sure about the durability of the product.  There was a little speck that was just very noticeable 3 or 4 days after installation and I took it back to the kiosk where I bought it from and asked him if he could fix it and he gladly said he would replace the whole thing.  I would diffidently recommend the Ghost protector over the zagg. 

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