Monday, May 20, 2013

They Didn’t Have To

by KC Mulville

May 20, 2013

What bothers me most about these scandals is the realization that, as many have said, they started low-level.

I don’t really think that Obama walked into a meeting one day and instructed the Cabinet to use the powers and authority of government to screw conservatives and Republicans. I doubt we’ll ever find a memo where Hillary Clinton says that we must all protect the president’s re-election and my own reputation. I doubt that Eric Holder ever summoned Luca Brasi (sorry, The Godfather reference) for a private mission to undermine the Tea Party.

What’s scary is that they didn’t have to.

Every other day, we read about school officials who use their petty little power to force captive students to undergo the latest leftist “awareness” training, and are punished, suspended, or expelled if they don’t parrot back the party line. I doubt the teachers union demanded such brainwashing operations during their yearly convention.

What’s scary is that they didn’t have to.

You see reporters like Chuck Todd and the usual suspects in the progressive media spout warnings about what will happen to the Republicans if they keep investigating these Obama scandals. (By the way, isn’t it lovely that these reporters, whose job and self-image are wrapped up in the myth of exposing wrongdoing and, you know, “investigating” … are so eager to suppress reporting?)  But obviously, no editor or producer or network executive sat down with his reporters and instructed them to suppress stories of Democrat misbehavior, and then to prominently dwell on the possibility of imaginary Republican missteps. No media executive ordered his people to overlook real, live Democrat overreach and instead accuse Republicans of it.

What’s scary is that they didn’t have to.

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