Thursday, February 13, 2014

Comcast + Time Warner = ?

by DaveWI

I was going through the articles at and this one caught my eye, Comcast and Time Warner have agreed to merge.  At first glance, without knowing anything about the deal, it seems to me that this is not going to be not good for the consumer.  Then, my fertile brain, started to work and I commenced to project into the future.

We now have a president who some people call some kind of socialist or more likely a ‘corporist’. A Corporist is a leader who allows corporations to exit in a market economy but unlike most corporations who are controlled, for the most part, by the stock holders  this corporist controls the decisions the corporate make.  If the country only has a very few gigantically large corporations which a leader totally controls then he totally controls the economy of the said country.  If this merger is allowed to happen it would create a huge communication entity which would have very little competition.  

Thinking further into the future, lets say the ‘Far Leftists’ keep or add to their domination of our government and continued to add more leftists to the regulatory commissions; then sometime into the future Comcast/Time Warner or whatever it will be call then might be able to eat up the last vestiges of competition that is left and then the leftists will have am almost total control of what the public will be seeing on the TV.

With the total control of our Health Care and whatever else they might put in the so called ‘Care Act’ and what they will allow us to see on TV and with the total control of newspapers and our universities and what type of movies we will be allowed to see in the theaters is there ever going to be a chance we, the citizens, will ever be able to get back or Republic back.  All I can say is WAKE UP AMERICA before it is too late!

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